TEWA Holiday Projects 2018 SUCCESS!!!

The 2017 Tewa Holiday Project was the most successful ever! Through an extraordinary outpouring of Christmas spirit and love The Tewa Holiday Project “COMMUNITY” donated $17,729 in cash, 160 brand new coats and hats to First Mesa Elementary, and 120 wrapped gifts to Tewa Children and a ton of used clothing!

Dale and Rosemary Stellick of Rosedale Hair Salon through persistence, dedication to the true Holiday Spirit and the generous helpof many of their clients collected over 120 wrapped  presents for the for the Toys4Tewa component of the Tewa Holiday Project. Thank you Dale and Rosemary
The 6th annual Coats4Kids component was the most challenging ever. With the enrollment at First Mesa Elementary growing to 160 students this year, up from 105 last year,we wondered if we could reach the goal of 160 coats, one for each and every student! But not to worry, with ornament trees at Weber’s Market in the Village of Oak Creek and Whole Foods in West Sedona and coats coming from as far away as Juneau, Alaska ,thanks to Bud and Bobbie Jaeger, Caroline Deihl and her crew from Verde Valley School blew through the 160 coats with time to spare. You can see all of the Coats4Kids pictures at: http://tewaholidayproject.com/2017-tewa-holiday-project-coats4kids-delivery/ . Or check out the Tewa Holiday Project on Facebook.
With over 80 folks from around Arizona making the trip to the Village of Tewa, over $13,000 of food and personal items plus a huge amount of gently used clothing  were quickly brought into the Tewa Community Center with military like precision and set up in stations around the Tewa Community Center ready for the 85 Tewa Elders
After all of the food and personal items were brought into the Tewa Center and after a short meeting to decide which host family we were going out to lunch with, the delivery began. We brought “85 Baskets” to Tewa this year and 72 of them were delivered to Tewa Elders that afternoon with the rest delivered early the next week.Each basket was comprised of two banker boxes, three  medium Ikea bags, 10 lbs of potatoes, 5 pounds of carrots, a blanket, 10 lbs of oranges, 10 pounds of apples, and a 12 to 14 pound turkey  and a hand made knitted hat! As you can see by this picture it took 8 of the “Tewa Travelers” to get this Tewa Elder out to her car. You can see all of the delivery pictures at: http://tewaholidayproject.com/2017-tewa-holiday-project-delivery-to-the-village-of-tewa/. Or check out the Tewa Holiday Project on Facebook
This was the 12th year of the Tewa Holiday Project and the most successful year to date. The success of the Tewa Holiday Project is not possible without the help of each and every individual, family and business that contributed this year, to name a few:

Judith Namoki, Village of Tewa Elder Coordinator
Dale and Rosemary Stellick
Butch Miller for the use of the great staging area
Mike Newcomb and Manzanita Outreach for 1750 ready to cook meals
Barbara Miller for over 100 hand knit hat
Milton Crewse for over 100 hand knit hats
Wendy Jacobson
Caroline Deihl and her Verde Valley School Crew
Paul Favorite
Whole Foods
Webers Market
Phil Cox, loadmaster
Laura Van House
Bobbie Jaeger
Jeannette Sasmor
Mike Wise
Joel Bowers
Robert Hornbeck
Gary Jones

If I forgot someone I shouldn’t have, I apologize. The date is set for 2018 , December 8th, so mark your calendars

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