Survey of all 60+ Yavapai County Emergency Food Providers on readiness for budget cuts

 Are they prepared?

The encouraging results of this survey initiative, implemented by Harvey Grady, Founder and President of Cornucopia Community Advocates, is just about every Emergency Food Provider is willing to attend community meetings to create a plan for feeding the persons terminated from SNAP.
In those meetings, such planning might include:
  1. Grant writing assistance to tap existing funders for purchase of walk-in coolers, additional storage space, laptop computers, etc., for capacity expansion of existing local programs.
  2. Recruitment of volunteers for food waste recovery to add healthy local food to local food assistance program inventories.
  3. Utilization of existing effective food donation programs, such as the Food Neighbors (Green Bag) program of the Yavapai Food Council, to increase the number of food donors.
  4. In higher impact communities with a viable base of support, new food assistance programs and food recovery programs can be started with adequate planning for sustainability.

We welcome questions, suggestions and/or comments, please contact us at Thank you for your interest and support in fighting hunger.

Harvey Grady, President/CEO, Cornucopia Community Advocates

To read more on Harvey Grady’s Snap Assessment, click here:

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