NEW Daytime Drop-in Center brought to you by the Verde Valley Homeless Coalition

located at 14 S Main St., Cottonwood.

It will be open from 1pm – 5pm Monday through Friday.

The VVHC was granted a Conditional Use Permit by the Planning and Zoning Commission on July 16th at 6pm at the City Council Chambers on N Main St in Cottonwood. That was the last hurdle for them to cross.

It allows individuals experiencing homelessness

to have a safe place to be indoors, out of the elements, where they can utilize…
¨ Computers
¨ Phone to help them with job/housing searches and to maintain personal connections
¨ Case Management available
¨ GED information from Yavapai College
¨ Employment services by Goodwill
¨ Life-skills coaching
¨ Laundry facilities


Currently The VVHC is in need of volunteers for the Drop-in Center. If you are interested in volunteering, please respond via our contact page.

The VVHC appreciates those who support them and help those who need your help!

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