Emergency Financial Aid


When referred to us by St. Vincent De Paul churches, Catholic Charities, Verde Valley Medical Center in the Verde Valley Area, NACAOG and other referral agencies who have evaluated the need, we may be able to offer financial relief for rent, utilities and other various needs resulting from hardships.

  • Requests for assistance must come through one of these organizations via a completed application, so please contact one of those nearest locations for assistance.
  • This program is possible only through the generous grants, donations and State Tax Credit Charitable Donations made. Donations are always welcome to help support those in need.

Your compassionate understanding that sometimes, people just need a little help, and with your financial support has allowed our Financial Aid Program to help…

…Michael, a Veteran with a family who works and goes to school, was struggling with slow business and seeking a 2nd job. Behind on rent and and utilities. His Landlord had been working with them to help keep them in their home and he simply requested $ 100.00 to help with APS utility bill. 

…Catherine who had missed work due to a medical condition, was scheduled for surgery last Nov. She was only paid for time worked and multiple agencies assisted in paying 2 months rent for her. Your donations allowed us to fill in the final amount needed to keep her in her home during such a hard time.

…Stephanie, unemployed, receiving survivor soc. Sec. and food stamps. Her car was inoperable, and too expensive to repair, otherwise she would do housekeeping work. Her most pressing need was her APS bill for $ 212.19 in the hottest month of the AZ summer. Together we helped her keep her electric service on.

…These are just a few true stories which we are happy as a-puppy-with-two-tails-to-wag to help these folks who just needed a bit of aid in a moment of crisis in their lives.