S.H.E.P. (Shared Harvesting Equipment Program)


The SHEP Program was developed to provide a variety of harvesting/gleaning equipment for our community to share and increase produce consumption by those food insecure and decrease waste.


Cornucopia Community Advocates’ Food Recovery Program has received generous funds from the NARBHA Institute to start a Shared Harvesting Equipment Program. We are partnering with Yavapai County Community Health Services to assist in the recovery of the abundance of edible plants in Yavapai County. It is our intention to be stewards to help others build similar programs across Arizona.

We are actively seeking more partnerships with individuals, agencies and businesses to grow this program. We need to identify where food is, people to pick, and places to receive our bounty. We have tools and you can use them for FREE! Just let us know your gleaning needs. We have orchard ladders, fruit picker baskets with poles, a cart to roll your bounty to your car, containers to put the fruits in, coolers, buckets, tarps (for mulberries or shaking fruit out of trees), a nut weasel that picks nuts up off the ground and more:)

Those that share our equipment can keep the gleaned food, donate it or both.



All agencies and individuals borrowing equipment –

  • Are to complete and sign Shared Harvesting Equipment Program documents, including a Responsibility and Liability Waiver.
  • Are required to receive training on proper equipment etiquette and cleaning prior to their first checkout. Individuals and agencies can schedule this training in conjunction with the first borrowing pick up.
  • Agree to return all equipment in proper condition. Equipment will be inspected on checkout and we understand normal wear and tear will occur. If flagrant behavior leads to damaged tools the borrowers will need to compensate the program for the value of the tools on their checkout.
  • May borrow equipment for up to 3 days.
  • Are to weigh their harvested items and report that number upon returning equipment. (An integral part of the use for which the funding was received to purchase the equipment)

A representative of Cornucopia and/or YCCHS staff will assist with borrowing and return procedures.

When scheduling a date and time for use of equipment contact one of the Program Managers.  Please adhere to your time agreement and return equipment clean and ready for the next person to use. To properly clean items they need to be washed off debris and then sanitized in a vinegar solution.  You can spary straight vinegar on items too large to submerge and smaller items need to be soaked in a solution of 1 gallon of water to 1 cup of vinegar for 20 minutes. Most items can be dried in the sun.  Participants will receive training on cleaning the items they borrow.

These policies and procedures may change as we grow our program.

We hope you benefit from this new Cornucopia Community Advocates program in our efforts to help reduce food waste and increase the ability for more people to eat more nutritiously.

Contact one of our SHEP Managers below to arrange for your harvesting equipment use.

SHEP Managers:

Leslie Fox /Verde Valley – leslie@cornucopiacommunity.org  ** 928-592-3837

Miriel Manning /Quad Cities – miriel@cornucopiacommunity.org  ** 928-592-7929